Fees and Billing Procedures:

Payment is due upon completion of work, we do not bill for service. We accept cash, checks and credit cards. You may place a credit card on file by requesting a form at your next appointment or by calling our office 314-484-5901. 

Fees and Billing Procedures:

  1. Any unexpected changes in fees will be discussed before the Farrier work is started. Estimates are always available upon request.

  2. Travel fees of $1 per one way mile may be assessed to accommodate reschedules and one off appointments. We try to plan our weekly schedule by area to avoid these additional fees, but due to the nature of the business this isn't always possible. 

  3. Our normal working hours are Tuesday - Friday, 10am to 4:30pm. Anything outside of those hours are subject to an "Off Hours Rate" of 1.5 times our normal fee schedule for time and travel. 

  4. Fee variations are due to horse's behavior, time, travel and degree of corrections and materials used.

  5. PAYMENT IS DUE UPON COMPLETION OF WORK. If for some unforeseen reason payment is not received, a net 7 day account will be established:

    1. A minimum billing fee of $5.00* plus a 4% convenience fee for using a credit card or PayPal will be added to the bill immediately. (*Billing fee amount is generally $5 for every $100 outstanding however it is subject to change at any time or for any reason.)

    2. For every 7 days past due, a 1.5 % service charge will be applicable on all accounts. Payment in full must be made before the next appointment. It is important to know that it is our policy that WE DO NOT normally bill for service.  

    3. We accept cash, checks and credit cards.

    4. We accept post dated checks on rare occasion however, a .50 ¢ per day finance charge will be added to the bill for each day up to the post date.

    5. Return check charges are $50.00.

  6. To avoid additional billing fees you may call our office to request a credit card authorization form and or place a credit card on file over the phone. Credit cards on file will be processed the same day as your appointment and will include a convenience fee for using a credit card. (This is more work for our office staff.)

    (Transportation fees, parking fees, etc.), ARE DUE UPON BOOKING OF RESERVATION.  We absolutely do not bill for this service.

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