Retirement and Rehabilitation Boarding


Insulin Resistance, EMS and PPID Care

We are St. Louis premier boarding facility specifically designed and equipped to properly manage the IR and Cushings horse.

We feature spacious pea gravel drylots complete with our Equine Playground enrichment area to keep your horse happy, exercised and entertained when pasture is not an option.

For the overweight IR horse we have a state of the art treadmill to assist with your vet prescribed weight-loss program. Treadmill training and weekly sessions are included in boarding package price.

Customized low NSC feeds, hay and supplements are meticulously measured, weighed and tracked to make sure all dietary needs are met without adding dangerous sugars.


Inspired by our heart horse Algernon we have created a program designed for the special needs of the horse suffering from COPD or other respiratory issues.

Out state of the art Dry Salt Therapy stall offers healing and inflammation reduction allowing the COPD horse to breathe easier and have a normal life. The Breathe Easy Barn utilizes Texas Hay nets over all our round bales and Hay Steamers for square bale flakes to help minimize the inhalation of dust.

When indoor space is needed for injury, vetting or inclement weather The Breathe Easy Barn is virtually dust free with rubber mat flooring and dust free AirLite bedding in all stalls. A misting system and fans helps keep the air slightly moist and direct dust and pollen down toward the ground.


Caring for your retired senior has never been easier. With multiple tiers to choose from we have the exact option you need. From the easy keeper to the extreme hard keeper we are equipped to handle it all.

Customized nutrition plans, therapeutic options and exercise programs are available to keep your horse happy, healthy and moving well.

We offer multiple levels of Retirement care to fit each individual horses needs.